Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Job of Promo Models & How they Help Promote Your Brand

Promo models, company representatives, brand ambassadors – no matter which term you wish to apply, these refer to individuals who are hired to promote a product or service. The main goal in hiring such professionals in the industry is to make more people aware about what you have to offer as a business, while also boosting product sales. Here, we will take a look at the job description of promo models, what their qualifications are, how they can best represent your brand, and how to hire one who can give people information about your product.

What are Promo Models & What are their Qualifications?

First, what does the job of being promo models NSW entail? Simply put, the job of a promo model is to represent your brand during a promotional event. The specific tasks depend on what the crowd is like and where the venue is, but it can involve any of the following:
-    Set up tables or booths at a venue.
-    Entice customers to visit the booth with product samples, free promotional items or giveaways for every free answer during trivia questions.
-    Distributing flyers, brochures and other promotional printed materials.

Some of the venues where promo models NSW or brand ambassadors Sydney could work include trade shows, promotional activities, supermarket launches, concerts, sporting events, nightclubs, public streets or local grocery stores.

If you are thinking about becoming a promotional model or one of the brand ambassadors Sydney, what qualifications should you have? You don’t necessarily have to earn a college degree in order to get hired as a promo model. It will help, however, if you have worked as a fashion model, brand ambassador or brand representative previously.

Character-wise, promo models should be outgoing, friendly, energetic and have good communication skills. To double up the crowd that they will attract during the event, the promo models should look great, too. Although there are certain promo models where age is not a consideration, the majority of gigs require good looking people under 30 to apply for the job.

What If I Need to Hire a Promo Model Who’s Knowledgeable About My Product?

Next, what if a member of the crowd happens to ask the promo model about how a product works, what its price is and when it will be available in the market? This is where the need to brief the promo models about the product information is required. Generally, the models need to appear knowledgeable about the product history, its cost, benefits, the content of the box and the features. The material is usually given to the models before the promotional event.

Hiring a Promo Model through SassyModels.com.au

In Australia, one of the talent agencies that you can rely on to provide you with a great-looking team of promo models is SassyModels.com.au. Based on the personalities who you wish to represent your brand, you can rely on SassyModels to provide you with a pool of talent. They’re not just good-looking promo models, but they also know how to work a crowd, interact with potential customers and help promote your brand.

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