Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Some Tips When Called Upon for a Fitting Model Casting

Are you currently dying to be in a model casting? Well, if you are a novice, and you are like starting out your modeling career, then it is very likely that you would be asked for a fitting model casting. This is the type of casting where you become a live mannequin. In short, the clothes that the designer made will be worn on you, in order for them to figure out whether there are areas in the garment that needs alterations.

The goal of every casting for fitting models is to check how good will the clothes be when worn by an actual human being. And this type of casting is said to be the first base for your modeling career.

So if you are called upon to be one of the fitting models Sydney, better make sure that you are ready. Here are some useful tips for you:

•    Bring whatever it is that the agency asked you to bring. If you were asked to bring bathing suits then do so. If it is an evening gown, do so as well. Make sure that you bring something extra too, you’ll never know when they would be needing that “extra” right?
•    Don’t forget your high heels. Normally, models wear high heels regardless of the type of clothes that they are modeling. So this is one of the pairs that you will consider important in your modeling career.
•    Don’t be late. Everyone is working within a specified schedule and being late is a no-no. So don’t be.
•    Be enthusiastic. Show some spirit. Don’t walk around like a zombie. Make the directors see and feel that you love doing the job.

Try following these tips and you’ll do just fine. Good luck!

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