Friday, 11 April 2014

Who are fitting models and what are their key responsibilities

The fashion and modeling industry is a fast-growing one. Every day, new models register with several modeling agencies. Also, the models are of different kinds. Fitting models are one of these.

Fitting models Brisbane

When you look for fitting models Brisbane, you will come across a huge pool of models associated with different modeling agencies. Fitting models are those working behind the scene most of the times. These models try on the clothing which is designed as well as manufactured by the fashion designer.


Usually, fashion models are categorized into five departments – contemporary, plus, junior, Missy and petite. The measurements for the models are calculated from bicep, hip, thigh, bust and chest. It is very important that fitting models should not lose or gain even an inch of weight. If this happens, then they are not in the best position to do justice to their work of designers and manufacturers get stressed when they are not able to get the measurements right.

It is wrong to think that fitting models only stand and help the designer decide whether a particular clothing item is of the right size. They also play a crucial part by giving important feedback about the feel of the fabric, whether the pockets and buttons are comfortable to access. They fitting models also try the outfits in various ways and provide a useful opinion on the flexibility and strength of the garment. Those experienced in this field will also give critical feedback to the designer or the manufacturer about how the garment behaves when the wearer has to stretch out, for instance to catch a cab or simply grab items of the department store’s shelves.

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