Sunday, 26 April 2015

Boost your sports events with Grid Girls NSW – Make the Event Rocking with Excellent Performance

Nowadays, people are witnessing a new type of marketingtaking place inplaces of events. Be it a bike racing or any other sports event, the individual participants or a team has beautiful models to represent them. These models, cheer the participants, support them and boost their performance when the event is taking place. According to the work, they are known as Grid girls, cheer girls, promo models and so on.

Grid Girls NSW ismodels who carry umbrellas over the driver and wait for him while his vehicle is getting ready. This use of promotional models for motor racing events started in the 1960s. They are known in different terms in different parts of the world. In the United States, it is ‘race queen’. In Japan, they are ‘idols’. In Korea, they are ‘racing model’ whereas in Thailand they are known as ‘pretties’. European countries call them as ‘Grid Girls’.

In Australia, when racing people need well trained models, they can easily get Grid Girls NSW to support them and be with them during the event. Dedicated agencies identify them, train them and develop them as talented Grid Girls NSW.These companies are consultants who are constantly engaged in recruiting and supplying models for all sorts of events. In addition, they classify them and categorize them according to their experience and skills. Such consulting firms connect the models and the event organizations.

The other type of models who are utilized for all types of products and brands are the promotional models. These promo models are expected to meet the consumer demandsand are put in direct interaction with the consumers. Promo models Brisbanecan beengaged in a product, brand, and service or even for a concept. They provide all relevant information regarding the product or brand and are an influencing factor for the consumers in buying them.

Types of Promo models Brisbane:

•    Spokes Model is engaged in a specific product or brand who need not promote it verbally.
•    Trade Show Model is employed to assist with all sales promotion activities of a company. The other names for them are the trade show hostess, booth professional, and booth companion or convention model. They mainly attract the crowd, draw their attention, engage in conversation and make them buy the product.

Helpful hints to be successful promo models Brisbane:

•    Apart from looking good, lots of common sense is needed
•    Must be punctual wearing the right uniform
•    Confident of the product dealing with
•    Not getting drunk while in duty
•    Be respectful towards staff and customers
•    Do all the paperwork on time
•    Be ready for shifts
•    Bo polite to all
•    Go the extra mile
•    Easily approachable by customers and clients

Consultants in this field, mostly who have long years of experience, run training academy for people who aspire to become good models. Those who like to shine in this field can approach them with a good portfolio and apply for the training. At the same time, people who organize sports events, racing events and product promotion shows can contact these agencies and get their desired model.

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