Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Live mannequins for fashion

A person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer so as to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of designs of some clothes or fashion accessories on a real human being is known as a fitting model. They can effectively act as a live mannequin. A person selected to do this job is done primarily on the criteria that they match up to the desired measurement specification of the fashion designer or manufacturer. Generally, these measurements consist of height, arm and leg length, bust-wait-hip circumference, shoulder width and a whole category of other measurements as denoted by the garment types. This is always the case, whether the garments are made for men or women of any size.

Role of the Fitting models

Fitting Models Sydneyplays an integral role in the designing process of garments and more than just wearing the garments for inspection. They have to comment on the garments made and materials used in regards to movement and feel in the flesh, fit and provide objective feedback on the design and fit of the garment. So, the fitting models confirms the size, design and cut of the garments which are to be produced so that it meets the designer’s specifications and intentions.

Types of fitting models

There are five types of female Fitting Models Sydney – contemporary, missy, junior, plus size and petite. The measurements and proportions are dependent on the sizes and ages of the models used. The brand may, sometimes, have more than one fit for the demographic of their customers. Nearly all major brands make clothes of missy and junior sizes.

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