Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The best presenters for award shows

A person or organization which is responsible for running a public event is known as a presenter. A presenter is also known as a host or hostess. For example, a university or museum can be regarded as the presenter or host of a particular exhibit. Usually, in films, a very well-known executive producer can also be regarded as a presenter and can be credited with the introduction of a film or new and upcoming or even famous filmmakers. In television and broadcast media, the person who hosts, narrates or takes the lead in narrating a radio or TV program is known as a presenter. A person who hosts all other kinds of public entertainments can also be called a Master of Ceremonies or emcee.

There are four kinds of presenters present today –

•    Television presenter – A person who hosts or introduces television programmes
•    Radio presenter – A person who hosts or introduces radio programmes
•    News presenter – A person who narrates the news to general audience and host news programmes
•    Sports presenter – A journalist on radio and/or television who reports or comments on sporting events
•    Weather presenter – A person who presents weather forecasts on TV or radio.

There are lot of people out there who can serve presenters. But, the trick is to choose the one perfectly suited for the job. A few tips that can be followed while selecting the proper Presenters Sydney are –

•    The person should be warm, friendly and willing to perform various antics in the name of entertainment
•    They must have a jovial personality and proper communication skills
•    They should not be disrespectful and spiteful towards the winners of awards or other cast members of programmes
•    They should recognize the sponsor of the programmes
•    They should never steal the spotlight unless and until required.

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