Thursday, 7 May 2015

Brand Ambassadors and Presenters SydneyAct Greatly for Promotional Activities

Modelling, one of the prime occupations has gained an important place in the modern day society. Parents, along with their youngsters, are getting interested in this glamorous field. People who enter this field have to develop certain skills to fit in.

Modelling is mainly associated with marketing. The main aim of modelling is to promote brands, services, products and ideas. This job has so many varieties and‘Brand ambassadors’ is one among them. A brand ambassador is a person one who promotes the brand and its products as the name implies. People who are socially, extroverts, friendly with great communication skills and are confident can train themselves for this career.

Many modelling agencies train such candidates who are interested in the career and provide suitable training. Then they also supply these candidates for the companies whoever requires them.

In general, top companies engage the very popular personalities as their representatives and sign contract with them to work as ‘brand ambassadors’. Mostly artists from cine industries, musicians and sports personalities are assigned for this task since people regard these people and respect them very much. Their representation will be very effective among the public. They are used to bring reputation and recognition for the particular brand and to its products.

For an example, here is a list of Australians who worked as brand ambassadors for Audi cars.
•    Asher Keddie
•    Collette Dinnigan
•    Guillaume Brahimi
•    Hugh Jackman
•    Kylie Kwong
•    Lisa Wilkinson
•    Matt Burke
•    Matt Moran
•    Mathew Belcher
•    Mike Fanning
•    Naomi Watts
•    Richard Roxburgh
•    Shannon Bennett
•    Sandra Sully
•    Vincent Fantauzzo

Presenters Sydney:

Another type of models, who host events and present programs and performances with an aim to promote products and services, are known as presenters. Presenters Sydney are well known in this industry for successful promotion of anything under the sun. Most of the time, they are not individuals but they are great organizations.

Types of Presenters Sydney and their duties:

•    Radio Presenter is the earliest type of presenter whose programs are broadcasted in the radio networks.These programs reach millions of people.
•    TV Presenters Sydneypresents their promotional activities through television. Celebrities who have retired from the field easily utilize these opportunities and become presenters.  They know how to face the camera, how to act and communicate and hence they do not need further training.
•    News Presenter is theknown figure whom everybody knows.
•    Sports Presenter reports about sports activities and about sports products and other items.
•    Weather Presenter is one who announces about the weather forecasts both on the radio and in television.

Presenters Sydneymust possesspleasing personality with good communication skills. They must be extremely talented and intelligent persons with great presence of mind. Apart from presenting the event, they need to collect information, analyse, classify and compile in an interesting manner as a report. In case they know more languages, it will be a great advantage.

Modelling profession, apart from presenters and brand ambassadors, has lots of interesting categories. However, everything requires basic qualities like communication skills, extrovert nature, social skills, patience and friendliness.

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