Monday, 25 May 2015

Why fashion designers use fitting models?

High fashion garments have to be perfect in every aspect. They are made for a niche segment of society and this is the reason that fashion designers check every aspect of the garment before it is displayed in the showroom. Of course it is possible to drape the garment on a mannequin and check the fall and other factors. However, this method does not have the same impact as that of checking the garment on a live fitting model. Such fitting models Sydney is used by fashion designers to check the fit, fall, and visual appeal of the garment. The best part of using a fitting model is that you can get a live feel of the garment as it will look while the person walks, sits and moves. This gives the fashion designer an exact understanding of the garment and its various aspects.

Different sizes of garment are checked on different fitting models. Not just high fashion garments, but even others that need to be a perfect fit are checked on fitting models. These garments include lingerie, beach wear, sportswear, etc. Both men and women act as fitting models Sydney. Most of these models work through agencies that act as a go between the fashion designer and the model.

This ensures that the fashion designers have the right kind of models as and when they need them. These fit models need to be of different sizes and body types to help understand the fit of the different garments of different sizes.

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