Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Differentiating A Promo Model and A Brand Ambassador

Promo models are a good way to push your products during major events. If you have been to a launching of a company or a product, you would notice that there would be girls roaming around, enticing you to give the product a try. Although the promo models Melbourne has are typically misconstrued as brand ambassadors, the two are not the same. In most cases, promo models are used in order to, as the name implies, promote such products as liquor, car accessories, and even cigarettes.

Becoming a promo model is actually a bit harder than being a brand ambassador. For one, promo models need to have certain physical attributes in order to be selected; something that is generally not taken into consideration when becoming a brand ambassador.

Now, if promo models need to be of certain physical attributes, brand ambassadors would need to be of a certain personality. They need to be outgoing, can think on their feet, and should be able to communicate well. This is because brand ambassadors would need to know how to talk succinctly about your brand. Having said that, brand ambassadors typically require more training not just on how to deal with prospective clients but also in knowing what the product or service is all about. It helps if they have already set themselves as an authority for the brand they are promoting as this would greatly help in influencing the target market.

The choice of whether going for a promo model or a brand ambassador generally depends on what kind of project or event you have on hand.

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