Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Promo Models QLD and their qualifications, duties and responsibilities

Promo models QLD are not just models that pose for the products or concepts, but are meant for doing promotional activities of the product or brand they are working for. In some cases, they are also considered as brand ambassadors if they promote several products of the particular brand.
The only purpose of promo models QLD is to create and increase the awareness about the product among the public and thereby to increase its sales. To achieve this, they normally follow some conventional methods like setting up tables, conducting games and competitions, announcing giveaways, offering samples and free products.

Know the following info about promo models QLD:

•    Qualifications:Though it is not essential to a degree, it is much preferred. Prior experience is also appreciated. Companies look for candidates under 30 years who are energetic and good looking with great communication skills.
•    Place of work: There is no fixed place of work. They can be sent to main street, trade shows, sports events, concert halls, stores and clubs.
•    Product knowledge: They must possess a to z knowledge about the company products like history, price, advantages, usage instructions and others. They will be provided with brochures, videos and documents.
•    Work Activities: They have to hand out samples and promotional items like t-shirts and key chains to the public.
•    Attitudemust be well mannered, friendly, outgoing, well spoken with clean habits.They represent the brand and hence they need to create the best impression about the brand in the minds of the public.

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