Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Importance of Grid Girls NSW and Event Staff NSW

In case you are the lover of motor races then you will be certainly watching the F1 Grand Prix, V8 Supercars, Gold Coast Indy and Bathurst 1000. Grid girls NSW promote the motor racing vehicles. Though their job seems to be simple on the surface, it also requires some sort of training and experience to face the crowd and do their duty in the expected manner.

Grid girls are introduced into the motor racing during 1960s and very soon they became indispensable part of sporting event.

Some duties of Grid Girls NSW:
•    They display the number placards of the racing vehicle
•    They clap and encourage the driver when they enter the podium
•    They wear VIP suites and make appearances
•    They take part in photo sessions and satisfy fans.

Grid Girls NSW are given proper training before they participate in the events. They are not supposed to talk with the vehicle drivers unless they are addressed by them. They do their own duties and certainly they are there not for glamour.

Most of the girls participate in these events with an aim to become models, anchoring person,or sport reporters in future. They participate to get experience with the crowd and to communicate easily with different types of people. The agencies receive thousands of applications for a mere 30 to 40 vacancies. Such is the craze for this job among the young women.

Another place where people can get experienced people for marketing is event management companies. Here varieties of Event staff concentrating on different professions are available with different skill sets.
Event Staff NSW are ready to do all sorts of jobs with regards to conducting an event, whatever it may be and wherever it may be. They are highly experienced staff with special training in their particular branch of work they concentrate.

Areas of work Event Staff NSW concentrate:

•    Event set up works like arranging the stage, monitoring the decorations and other necessary items on stage, arranging the chairs and seats
•    Event concessions department people serve drinks and food for the guests. They have to supervise the food arrangements, keep an eye on food sagty practices and do the related customer service. In addition, they can handle the sach registers and do id check ups.
•    Event ushering people are responsible to make the guests take their seat in their respective places. Moreover they need to look after the safety cautions of the venue. They are to inform the guests the needed information regarding the event such as the location of the rest room, duration of the event and all such things, when asked.
•    Event security staff look after the safety of the performers and also of the individuals. They co-operate with the security people, check the wallets and bags and take care of them for the sake of guests.
•    Event staff NSW are capable of entertaining the audience whenever the need arises. They must be great entertainers with special talents to sing, dance and mimic. These people introduce the performers to the audience with their captivating speech.

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